PSA: General Rewards Changes & Good News for India

Hey all, I’ll share a link to the Community Call later if we get it uploaded, but I wanted to outline a few points from memory.

INDIA: New custodial partner (No specific date yet, but confirmed to be on the way)

The biggest news is that Brave is saying it shouldn’t be much longer (by October) before India is added again. This partner will originally be for India only, though may have other nearby regions added in the future. Sunsetting of vBAT was purposefully delayed because they wanted to make sure that everyone from India will be able to move vBAT to a custodial partner.

That said, they did mention that payout timing for India might be different than it is with other exchanges. They don’t have specifics yet, but was saying it might be something like a month behind on payouts once implemented. If I heard and understand that correctly, that means instead of receiving May’s payment in June, you would receive it in July or something. Again, this is just early information and we’ll know more as it comes.


New UI is coming. Some changes can already be seen in Beta and Nightly. One such example is where you can see Estimated Earnings. Rather than show just one number, it will show a payout range. They are doing this because when they have shown just one number and then it reconciles for less, people get upset and think they had missing BAT. So this is in hopes to narrow confusion a bit and make it known what the estimation range truly is.

Wallet Integration

In the past they said would be merging Rewards with Wallet. Rather than a full integration, it looks like they are instead just going to have them communicate with each other. This means you’ll be able to see your Rewards balance from within Brave Wallet.

Other things discussed is that peer to peer (p2p) tipping is still coming. I honestly didn’t follow this much to be able to speak much, but I do know they spoke about being able to send and receive tips from Solana and all as part of that. So everything will be expanding and providing more opportunities. Also, this is one of the things they have said about rolling out before which is the foundation for Pay With BAT, which will open a lot more opportunities for liquidity.

There’s more, but that’s kind of the main notes I have on the top of my mind.

YouTube recording is below:

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