Query about ZebPay

@Saoiray Hi there! Can I know why brave choose zebpay for Indian brave users? It’s the most useless platform now. It’s taking INR 250 each month from each customer in the name of membership fee. There were many more options for brave to explore like CoinDcx etc.

yess i want to know the same , there are already very low population which is into crypto , and those who are , zebpay would be like their last priority to use . we got better options like wazirX etc . so is it like wazirx and coinDCX etc didn’t accepted to be a custodial partner ?

Hey man. Of course not Saoiray here but been here on the Community long enough.

So when they wanna add a custodial Partner, it’s not upto brave totally who they can partner with. It needs to be both ways. Both parties need to be equally interested to get this partnership to work. Maybe others in India weren’t willing enough to do this with Brave?

Then there’s also additional headaches which the exchange will need to go through, like Indian rules & regulations (everyone knows it’s some crazy crap when it comes to crypto and all), then the number of people who will need to be KYC approved which will keep on increasing and all.

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@onkarjha2003 There are a lot of things going on lately and I’m not going to delve into every last reason. But I’ll say at least the below:

Partnerships require both parties to agree to terms. Some examples of things they would have had to negotiate would be who would have to have built the API, fees for transactions, making sure all KYC/AML is in place, etc.

Of the custodial partners in India, ZebPay was the only one to finalize an agreement with Brave. Given more time, could there be more options? Sure. But they were also trying to rush to get everyone the opportunity to access vBAT before it sunset. Brave already delayed this a few times and can’t afford to delay it anymore.

I mean, they could have left you with nothing and said “too bad.” Essentially making everyone in India wait along with many other countries until Brave releases on chain BAT payments, which are in the works.

You should read the post(s) made by @SmartyAadi on this, such as Information for users connected to ZebPay

And maybe @SmartyAadi will correct me if I’m wrong, but there are ways to avoid the 250 INR fee. The monthly is only if you have money sitting there and you do nothing.


All good here Saoiray. Essentially as you say, doing nothing will get you charged, so just make one trade a month to offset it.
@onkarjha2003 please read the post Saoiray has so kindly linked.

Even lending waives of the fees. If people have no intention to withdraw anytime soon, they can invest in some crypto and start lending.