Provide a Restart/Relaunch button on About Brave

Provide a Restart or Relaunch button on the About Brave item to manually restart it when things need to be reset for a faster and easier process than doing it manually, and not loose the logins.

A relaunch button appears after an update is fetched and the browser needs to be relaunched:

One also appears on the brave://flags page when a flag value is changed. Other than that, it is unlikely that a relaunch button like this will be added.

Or you could just type chrome://restart or brave://restart. you can add it as a button in sidebar or in bookmarks.
It also works in Android, but only as chrome://restart.


Thanks for the comment, Emi’s on the chrome://restart works great!!
Problem solved.

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Hi Emi, Thanks for your comments,
Both suggestions work great.
Problem solved!!
Best to you, KB.

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