Requires a quick relaunch

I have been happily using Brave as my primary web browser for a while now. Earlier today I saw the notification that a Brave update was just released and it required a quick relaunch. I clicked the Update button as I had for many updates previously. Then something unusual happened. When Brave restarted, it told me that it was not my default browser, started me on an introductory tour, and told me that a token grant was ready. All of my settings, browser history, and wallet appeared to have been reset. Even the launcher icon for Brave had turned gray which seemingly indicated that something was broken or wrong.

Searching around the internet, I quickly learned that this was a major new version and figured out why everything had reset and how to fix it. It ultimately wasn’t a big deal, but I feel like the “quick relaunch” prompt was misleading. I would have appreciated some kind of confirmation text which told me what to expect before the update happened. It’s not a quick relaunch if it costs me time and effort to figure out what’s going on.

I don’t want to be too negative. I’m sure the new version is great and many people put a great deal of effort into it. Thank you so much for your work! I just wanted to share feedback about an unpleasant and unexpected update process. Perhaps there can be a better warning next time there is such a big change?

Hi @killthesand

Thanks for your feedback. When accepting the update there was the opportunity to ‘Learn more’ as described here by @mattches

However, I understand that the update was jarring for some users and I’ve shared your feedback with the team. We appreciate you reaching out with suggestions and constructive criticism!


cc @rebron2000

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