Processor overuse (YouTube)

I have a problem, when I watch YouTube Brave uses a very large percentage of my processor which is not good (on other sites this is not a problem). this is not the case on another browser. The “use hardware acceleration when available” is disabled, I don’t know what could be causing all this.

so basically when I watch YouTube then Brave will use a very large part of my processor, this is only the case if I watch YouTube not at other sites, I do not have any special settings or something in that direction, but I used to have a while back now at properties ( from Brave)
“–disable-frame-rate-limit” added, I also had an extension called “YouTube enchancer”

Can you please fill out the rest of the information in the template so we can better assess your situation?

could you maybe ask what you want to know because i don’t really know what you mean with template

@Mattches ou mean template as in text box?

I was referring to these templates:

@Mattches so I use Brave on windows as you probably already know, this is the version i’m using brave

You’re likely running into this issue here:

@Mattches yes exactly that but do you have any idea what is causing this and/or how to fix it

Please continue to check for updates in that thread for information that can help you resolve the issue:

it doesn’t quite work for me i’m still getting high CPU usage but I’ve read that you believe you’ve found the issue and you should have a new version with the fix. I’m going to wait patiently on that.

there was just one other thing when I’m watching YouTube and “auto-play” is turned on or if I’m watching a playlist and when the next video starts I’m sometimes getting an error message, but I can refresh the page and then every thing is back to normal but it is just annoying but this is the case on any browser so it could just be YouTube.

keep up the hard work and take you’re time :wink:

Have you tried clearing the cache for Youtube?

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