Can not verify wallet

When I verify wallet with uphold.
There is an error message “Please try again after you have completed ID verification on Uphold.”

How do I have complete ID verification ?
I can not find any menu in uphold.

@talecue check your email in case they sent anything to you. Also make sure to check your profile and all at Uphold. If any doubt, try to message them in case. It sounds like they need information from you for KYC/CDD

Does anyone knows what should be the minimum $ amount to verify uphold wallet?

Shouldn’t take anything to verify, but you’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT to connect Uphold with your Brave wallet.

Do you mean If I withdraw 25 BAT to Brave wallet, It will be solved?
Is there any document link about 25 BAT?

It used to be 25 BAT but I think they changed it to 2, as you see in this screenshot when I just went to Verify on my browser after I had intentionally logged out to see the notice.

@talecue No, unfortunately @kevaljain just had hijacked your post/thread to ask an unrelated question. If it was due to not having the BAT, it should tell you as much. If it says ID Verification it means that Uphold needs more information from you.

If it was something on Brave’s end or w/e, it would give a different type of error typically.

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