Problems with wallet and Ledger

Hello !

First I would like to say that I love Brave and been using it for many months now, good work !

Now about my problem I encounter :

  1. I have a Ledger connected to my Brave Wallet
  2. I want to exchange some stablecoins with
  3. I connect to Brave Crypto Wallet
  4. I enter the amount and press “sell”
  5. A popup appears, telling me to authorize the transaction, with some fees : I accept and unlock my Ledger
  6. Nothing happens and the popup just shows me my wallet. No transaction is sent.

Could you please help me ?

I have uninstalled Metamask, and this seems to happen with many DeFi protocols. (same with Compound).

Quick update :

By disabling extensions, the problem looks to be solved. I think “DarkReader” is the one causing the most troubles.

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