Problems with the rewards program

Hey everyone,

I have an issue with the rewards function while using brave browser. In one month I get a whole lot of ads while using the browser, up to the point where I should have collected 6 BAT. But now when I have received my BAT in my uphold account, I only get .25 BAT…

It’s not the first time this has happened. And it really starts to bother me, since I don’t know why or how this happens… Anyone who can help me out on this one?


Where do you live? How much time do you spend time on brave?

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I live in Belgium and I use brave every day as my default browser. I get a lot of ads too, that is not the problem. I collected 6 BAT during the month of september, and this morning I got a mail from uphold which said I received 0.25 BAT from Brave Software International. Is this because of fees or something?

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Send screenshot of page
from Settings->Rewards

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Like this?

The only problem I have with this is: it seems that I’m ‘losing’ (if I can call it that way) a huge deal of my rewards. Since I should get like 6 BAT instead of 0.25…

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