Brave slows down considerably after cache gets bigger

I’m using Windows 10 and a Samsung 1TB SSD drive and 64GB of memory and found that every single week I have to clear the cache else the entire browser starts to run so slow and laggy if you don’t. No matter if you have a huge amount of drive space or memory it will slow down no matter what. I was wondering if future versions can make optimizations to Brave so stops slowing down so bad when the cache expands. When I clear the cache the browser runs like new, everything is so nice and smooth but as the week goes by and the cache grows and slows down so bad like there is no optimizations in place and I have a huge amount of 1 TB space and 64GB of Memory.

I was wondering if the Brave team can optimize the code in the browser for people using SSD drives and have large amount of memory so it stops decreasing performance so much as the cache grows over time. No matter how powerful your machine is Brave keeps slowing down every single day you use it until you clear the cache. I have a huge amount of space and memory and this should not be happening and I have to clear important cache data every week just so the browser runs smooth.

Windows 10 (Fully Updated)
Samsung 1 TB SSD
64 GB Memory

Using (settings > security/privacy > clear browsing data > on exit)
I have set cache to be cleared every time i close Brave. Maybe that is something to consider.

I use Brave with no issues and I hardly ever close it and have never cleared the cache. I also don’t use Windows, I use Linux Mint. Together they work great.

Works great for me too. Got some issues with localStorage being disabled, though. Can be seen in the console of this website: https://besteforbrukslå

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