Background video playback broken

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Description of the isue:
I am using a tablet and even though backgroung playback is activated it doesn’t work. It worked until the last update.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.activate background playback
2.go to anything else on device doesnt work

Expected result:
Check No. 3

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
2015 galaxy tab a

Additional Information:
Am I s.o.l. because i have an older device? Where can I download a version of brave from 3 versions ago if thats the case? This was my favorite part of mobile brave.

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I’ve the same problem. I downloaded 1.5.5 version on Apkpure site.


I have the same problem when playing YouTube videos with Brave 1.5.9 on Android 10 on galaxy s9

I don’t know why, but I’ve got the same problem with this last version. Hope they’ll see it. I’ll try the betas.

any luck finding a solution? its started happening to me as well

Hello all! It seems we’re down. A quick story. Back in 01.10.2020 YouTube said it’s starting to block attempts to get premium features for free. This is one of them. I didn’t believe this, thought it’s a nonsense, but it seems that it’s starting to come true. Some people cannot use vanced. I tried to install 1.5.5 7 days ago and it worked for like 4 days. Ufter that it didn’t. Yesterday I installed 8 older versions and, no rezoult! I contacted a dev that said that youtube blocked it. I found out that if you open youtube with an external link it will work, but ufter an hour it was down. That brought me to the conclusion. YT uses advanced automated detectors and special algorithms to block all methods to background play. Now, I would use vanced, but I can’t because of how bad the yt app is made in general. It eats a lot of volume and sound quality. I know, I am sad about this, but we don’t have a thing to do. It’s not brave’s fault,. May they see this message and see if they can do something about this.
Thanks and best regards!

Hello all! If you’ve looked at my last post, you’ll know what’s going on. They go insane! Today, there was the following trick that was blocked: if in a playlist you expand the controls then press home it worked. Ufter several minutes it went down.
Now, I found a very solid solution. For those who have the option turned on, restart it by turning it off and on. For those who don’t have it, turn it on!

  1. Ufter restart up on activation, don’t close brave!
  2. When you go to settings, do it from youtube because when it will restart with youtube.
  3. Don’t go to any other site without youtube playing! When you’ll get back, it won’t work. Use google app to go to sites while yt plays. If done from brave, the playback will close and you’ll have to start the option restart process again. When one of these things isn’t respected, restart will be needed.
    Hope this helps! Thanks and best regards!

Hello all. Thanks for the reports. The fix will be available soon.


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