Unresponsive page on a single site

I have been using brave for a number of years. Since yesterday 26/10/2022, when I try to go onto a specific website (Bybit.com), I get an unresponsive page. Brave works with all other sites as normal. I tried Bybit in chrome and no issues.

having exactly the same issue with that same specific site … reached bybit support who told me bybit works best w/firefox or google chrom… ive tried using these navigators :thinking:, same issue ! kind of stuck right now…

I tried it on chrome and works fine. I would prefer to use brave for all my internet usage. so weird that it only started a few days ago.

Same issue here, i think it’s the problem with the latest brave browser update that caused it!

yes i’ve tried w/firefox … works fine… no way im gonna install google chrome… annoying …and i also believe it is since the recent Brave updates …

Trying to reach out to them, Even with shields disabled there is much delay.

Free to also reach out and ask for a fix.

Things seem to be work much better now. Anyone else still have the same issue?

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