Problems of brave browser

Description of the issue: hey what is happening here in brave browser? Its working like a fool. It has many problem. We should unistall brave browser forever. I haveany question. First, i Didn’t get claim option from brave browser for this month yet but today’s date is 8 August. Second, i can not transferring bat to my uphold account but i have more than 25 bat on my wallet. Third, my brave browser wallet has suspended without any cause. I had 521 bat in pending payout. These are very serious problems. Please fix these all problems quickly. Or else i will unistall brave browser.

*How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result: please solve all problems quickly

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.11.105

Mobile Device details Symphony i60

Additional Information: @steeven brave browser full buggy and crazy. Please fix all problems. I am very disappointed. Help me by fixing these serious problems. Thanls in advance.


Payments are still processing

And for your other problems, @steeven & @eljuno Will guide you through it.

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@9rs - do you have 2 community accounts? This appears to be a duplicate post.