Problem with Youtube and Shield v 1.11.101


Since update 1.11.101, on every Youtube video I have bars that appear on every video, which is very unpleasant. Also on my old version (1.11.97) my Shield looked different and seems to work differently than 1.11.101. For example also on Youtube (valid on Amazon, etc.), the device fingerprint attempt worked (with a 1 next to it). With the new version it is marked 0, which gives the impression that Brave no longer blocks the device fingerprint? I put you two screenshots with the two different versions.

I specify that I am under the last version of macOS (10.15.6).

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

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Even in standard, it does not change anything and remains on 0 :slight_smile:

what if you disable (allow) fingerprinting? does it get rid of the lines?

Finally, as standard, the lines are no longer displayed. But that does not take away my impression on other sites like Amazon, that the Shield no longer protects against device fingerprints

It’s normal ? :slight_smile:

Thanks ^^

also this have bug but no critic :slight_smile:

normal? I have no idea what’s normal… as far as i know, normal for me was fingerprinting for youtube was set to standard, so i’ve never seen this issue. As far as everyone else’s normal, it seems to be everyone’s using strict for fingerprinting? So, no. I don’t know more than you, i have no idea what’s normal… fingerprint shields could be working just peachy keen, it could not. :thinking:

Okay, thanks :smiley:

according to eff’s test, brave is doing some protecting… This my results, where standard blocking seems to be what i’m using…

Ah I did not know this site, it is interesting! I have exactly the same result as you … Which means that Brave does not know how to protect us from fingerprinting? I also tried with Firefox which is just as good and I get the same result as with Brave. Finally, even the best in the field, don’t know how to do it completely correctly?

look at the full results… it protects against some, it can get unique fingerprints in some… It doesn’t get everything… if it did, none of the sites would work…

i now play with it. add this style .ytp-gradient-bottom on yotube :slight_smile:

if the changes are not critical for you, then everything is fine, the video title simply does not pop up at the top when the cursor is hovered and no gradiant shadow also :laughing:

Yes, the only unique identifier that Brave seems to communicate is the “Hash of WebGL fingerprint”. But would Brave not have the ability, without hiding it, to create a new identification?

Add this style on youtube ? What for ? :slight_smile:

add and see for what :smiling_imp:

but can no add u self it understand lol

I don’t see where to add it haha

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context menu rbm and add, oops :slight_smile:

I’m still not sure where it is (I’m French ahaha).

context menu u understand? and look word brave, more click first element and add this in insert line. :ok_hand: