Distribution of Reward and wallet verification is Stopped !? Why there is region error for both Gemini & Uphold wallet?

I haven’t Receive any reward for two months Consecutively as well as region error is the problem for verifying neither Gemini nor the uphold is working while verifying despite I had been verified several times before with my Gemini wallet.

Hello @Mrlaxu

Thank you for reaching us, at the moment the rewards in your region cannot be claimed however you can use them to tip content creators.

Additionally you can check the region restriction using this link

Let me know if this answer the question, have a great day! :wave:

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I live in Portugal, I use UpHold and it didn’t work for me. @Alice2095 Can you enable my message blocked by your bot? Thank you!

Do you have Portuguese nationality? There is a known issue when the nationality and country of residence are different.
If so, you may need to contact Uphold support. Although many assistants do not know what to do and will tell you all is good.

I have already spoken to the UpHold customer service team, and they have given me the information that there is no problem on their side for receiving Brave rewards into my account, and that any further problems must be occurring on the Brave side. and that I would need to contact Brave technical support.

Yes, that’s what they usually respond. Because they do not see any problem on their side.
But the issue is that the data that is transmitted to Brave via the API does not show all information. In some cases when the user has a different nationality what is received on brave’s side is the country of nationality, not the country of residence.

You can try to contact Brave support via the following link

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Thank you @rodrige !

You quoted an old post regarding restrictions, from 2 days noone outside of the US can link with Gemini, only old connections should remain active until the next inevitable log off (from yourself or the system).

Right now I am able to verify my reward from my Mac (account was already verified) but I am still unable to verify my reward of others cells phone can you help in this issue too. Thanks for your precious reply and time

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