Problem with Android rewards

I’m trying to claim my 0.5 Bat for this month on my phone but every time I get this error, I also tried in the rewards menu, but nothing happens. Any Idea what should I do?

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Same problem here, i can’t claim my rewards like you !

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I need help please. I know 0.5 Bat its not much but this should not happend.

@d0null Can you verify which version of Brave you’re using?

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Yes, that would be the nightly 1.37.29, I’m using the same I think on my tablet, and no problem there.

Saoiray Still having the problem, what can I do?.

@d0null bah, sorry I vanished. Sometimes we get a lot of notifications and it’s easy to forget about one.

What makes it difficult is you are using the nightly version which is for testing and development. It can contain bugs and usually isn’t recommended for normal use. I do not know if that is part of what could be contributing. I am just going to suggest that you reach out to @Mattches by sending him a DM and see if he can help. Make sure you include Wallet ID from Brave://rewards-internals/ in your message to him.

Do a DM rather than posting here

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Thanks!, I’ve send a DM hope he can help me with this, thanks!

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