Problem of Referral Earning


One of my friend has been join and download through by Referral link and he download and verify

his email BUT there is NO update of referral in my account.

Please tell me when it will update ?

There is condition that every referral who are join via link - He/She download and email

verified and he/she have access Brave for 30 days —

If my referral not access brave after download - install and email verify — then I will NOT

get $5 for my referral joining ???

Because I promote but I have No control over user – so in this case – What is my Earning ?

Thanks - Wait for your reply.

Hi @palashonline,

Welcome to community! What’s your referral code?

i have same issue… my referal id is tec873.

Hi @palashonline,

Are you still having the same issue?

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