Probelm with Brave reward

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Try tipping the bat to your YouTube if all else fails

ah ah, I confirm it is a real disaster. ^^

edit: ah i will try it like this.

What I did, I went to my Youtube page, I made several “donations” but now I have to check uphold if everything is OK.

edit: i forget to posted this
because the problem mainly comes from uphold.

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you won’t see it in uphold until next month I think 7 - 11th of everything month creators rewards processes, so have to wait and see, I hope you get your BATS

I normally don’t condone self tipping, but in your case its an exception

Ok, I’ll wait until next month.
Hoping that it works! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m back to update you.

on my side this does not seem to be fixed, I had to make “one-off donations” again but nothing was transferred on Uplhod again.

the one-time donations for April seem to have disappeared and have not been transferred to Uplhod, the bats are no longer for April.

I also fear the worst that this month the problem will recur again…

@cogetacats payment process have not finished

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