Brave Rewards are being deducted massively

Hi Team, I’m not sure if this is a bug stuff too. But, Despite having 6 USD(around 5 BAT) and recently I just collected my April rewards from ads(4.25 USD) which should right now be more than 10 USD. But all of a sudden its now 1.49 BAT! I have disabled the Auto-Contribute function too.
My OS is Windows 10 and the Brave is updated to the newest version too but I’m unclear about what happened today
So please resolve this issue for me and others if having a similar query

I am experiencing same problem, lost a few tokens today.

Hi, double-check if you’ve any tips, or auto-contribute turned on.

I did not receive my full estimated pending BAT; I rather expected this as I read that it’s not uncommon to have the last week or two of accumulated BAT right up to payout, to not make it, and instead it will the next payout date.

Nope, It has been disabled since I started fetching the rewards…

Support posted this yesterday about the recent payout:

Make sure to read it and check everything’s in order. If you aren’t able to claim, or feel the amount is off, follow the instructions on DMing Support, and include the info requested plus any details you think are important.

*If you’ve DMed @steeven in the recent past, just edit/ bump that DM thread with him, as extra DMs could easily get buried.

It seems like it gets reset every month on 6th, i am not sure where I could find last months token, it’s all reset now and the wallet is new, I have record of all the ads I watched, hope it will help to restore my tokens.

Are you using multiple browser profiles, @techguy_98?

@saereV … No, I don’t use it.

I hope brave support will look into it.

I do think they’re working on it, but if Support doesn’t respond here before the end of the week, I’d advise you follow the DM instructions in my post #5. A community staff member may yet pop in with more experience than I, and offer you some other troubleshoots to try, too.

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Sure, thank you. I will check with them as advised.

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