Private Window with Tor, Settings page inaccessible for months

Hi everyone,
For the last several months, Brave has not been working properly for me – I have not been able to use Tor (it is grayed out as an option), and when I open the Settings page, I am given a black screen. This happens every time I have attempted to use Brave despite my MacOS being up to date, removing and reinstalling Brave, and updating Brave when prompted.

I additionally cannot view or clear history.

If this has anything at all to do with it, I have a Macbook from 2014; however, my OS again is up to date (Catalina 10.15.2).

I’m also afraid I can’t answer which version of Brave I have, because I am again taken to a black page for Settings.

Please help! Many thanks in advance.

Bump, please! Many thanks for your help.

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