Private browsing data not clearing on iOS

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Description of the issue:

Certain browsing data is not being cleared on iOS browser exit despite “Private Browsing Only” being enabled. Multiple entries in cache, cookies, and local storage appear under “Manage Website Data” even after the browser has been closed and re-opened. The only way to clear this data is to manually select “Clear Data Now.”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to Settings > Brave Shields & Privacy
  2. Enable “Private Browsing Only” and select all options under “Clear Private Data”
  3. Browse the web as normal
  4. Close the browser (force-quit the iOS program)
  5. Re-open the browser
  6. Navigate to Settings > Brave Shields & Privacy > Manage Website Data
  7. Certain website data will be present

Expected result:

All website data should be cleared on browser exit

Brave Version( check About Brave):

1.37 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 15.4.1

Additional Information:

Not sure how long this has been going on but just noticed it recently. It is definitely a security risk. I don’t know if this bug happens when users only selectively enable private browsing mode since I leave my browser in “Private Browsing Only” for iOS.

It appears that somebody reported a similar issue at Brave does not clear data on iOS devices - #2 by SaltyBanana but then support did not follow-up and the topic was closed.

@kjWzx9IoLXKH8hS ,

Good post; tx.

“Clear Private Data” options/settings respond to the “Clear Data Now” button; but not, to an ‘On Exit’ condition. AFAIK.

I routinely close tabs, Clear the data, and “Manage Website Data” when finished using Brave Browser iOS.

@michal will know more, re ‘On Exit’ - esp. your use of Force Quit, and its effect, re the matter.

Checked it today and my ‘Manager Website Data’ is always empty when I browser in Private Browsing mode. I wonder if it’'s site specific

For UX problems we will try to add a more handy UI to clear all browsing data quicker, perhaps from the tab tray screen.

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