Privacy issue of brave

How brave is secure when it uses google as search engine,whether google can track us?please tell me so I can know my whether my privacy is guarded

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First, users always have an option to change the search engine they want to use.

I believe this one answer your question

Also if you want to learn more about Brave Shields

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Sir,I have turned shields on and blocked all cookies and fingerprinting.Can google track me within their domain?

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Is your Gmail connected to brave?

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No google and its associated accounts are connected

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that has not direct answer but let me do my best
try to stop using google if you can and if you like
for example if you use gmail then no matter what shield you use google still read your email same thing for all google service like youtube

find a alternative for your email any chat app
if you have android use ios or much better use custom rom that respect privacy like but notice that reward system does not work with custom rom

use another search engine and check this one also

use 2 browser one for important thing and 2nd for surfing the internet and even use google service on that one

let us be honest on this last point google still better search engine than the other from the performance point of view

and also check all your other apps to see if they really respect your privacy or not
check this one also

hope that help you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thank u very much for providing the information, I use protonmail only and u are right google is the one suitable for surfing and pinpoint results.
The only question I ask is if I log out from all my google accounts and turn shields on,block all cookies,fingerprinting with no bookmarks,location access and surf with google search engine:Are our data private and secure as brave says?

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you very welcome and i am protonmail user also :wink:

even if you do that any site can see some info for example your ip (nothing can hide your ip except vpn or tor )which mean your country and they can calculate your location based on that and also they know what you surf on there site at least for this current session
then you would need vpn which lead to question which vppn you use and alot of mamy question

so the best is use 2 browser if you can but also remmber that privacy and security are a process so it not just a tool or settings

so try to use the best you can do and have a nice day

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Forgive me if I am bothering you,I asking these queries coz I am new to brave and the privacy stuff
For mobile which do u recommend for private browsing that doesn’t record history google+brave+private mode+samsung max vpn or duckduckgo+brave+private mode+samsung max vpn

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i am glad to offer what i know duckduckgo+brave+private mode+samsung max vpn but sometime you need google if the search result is not helpful from duckduckgo

from your words you use samsung so that mean you use google android so i can not be sure what the operating system do despite the browser you use

for example a week or more people ios and mac os was redirect trafic from certain site to their news app check this link

what i mean here that even if you used good browser there still another point which is the operating system and also the other app you use in your device so we try to do the best we can as sometime we have no control on some stuff

hope that help explaining my point and have a nice day

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Good point.

To further rant… The interwebs are an obstacle course of rapid fire digital exchange. The best strategy is to learn what you can about ISPs and VPNs; what devices, OS, programs (TOS), apps (TOS), memberships and ACCOUNTS (and their TOS) … I mean really, you sign into Facebk, Amazn or Googgl mail (or you name it) accounts you “trust” with your identifying information that ends up getting shared laterally among associated partnerships, some linked in real time with cookies, beacons, scripts, browser fingerprinting. I try to keep login sessions separate for each account, use specific browsers or browser profiles with some.

You wade into the engagement with your hardware and tools of the trade… you make your compromises with as much knowledge as you can bring to the battle. Brave is one of my new tools. I haven’t learned all the configurations and utility with browsing activities, but it seems on a good track. (I hope we might see open source extensions as the next frontier.)

@gatelogic thanks for sharing that with us

and i agree with you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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For more info about Brave’s privacy measures please see for a “A Long List of Ways Brave Goes Beyond Other Browsers to Protect Your Privacy”.