Preventing opening of new tabs


This issue might be resolved if I can simply block new tabs from opening. So if this is something that can be done please let me know. I’m using the latest brave browser for iOS. Never had this issue in chrome with ublock, I’m not sure if that info is of any value.

In the meantime the following site will open new tabs to many different adds upon browsing and I was hoping something could be done.

Let me know either way. Really appreciate all the effort that goes into this. Thank you!!

iOS blocking a bit more limited compared to desktop/android, there is many pirate streaming sites similar to this that use revolving ad server domains to constantly serve up ads and popups. tldr; iOS adblocking is still a work in progress

@Dmill it’s been a long time since I used Manganato, but I used to have to enable Block Scripts on the website. Amazingly, all the manga/manhwa/manhua would still load perfectly fine on it and blocking scripts just stopped any ads and additional tabs from opening.

I just clicked your link and checked, settings indeed were as I mentioned and things loaded with no ads or popups. So you may want to try it yourself to see. This is one of the few websites where this seems to be the solution, whereas most others end up breaking.

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