Unwanted Redirection not blocked on IOS brave browser

I’m currently using the latest Brave update on the ios app and a couple websites for anime and manga do not have their unwanted redirects blocked. “9anime.vc” for example opens another tab when you try to select an episode or pretty much tap on anything. please fix this closing the other tabs is annoying and kinda scary

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Brave team member will sort it out.

Can you list all the manga/anime sites.

One of them is https://9anime.vc and the other one is?

Hello @chh_68, sorry to hear that. Have you tried setting your shields in aggressive mode. Go to settings > Brave shields and privacy > advanced controls > aggressively block trackers and ads let us know f that resolves your concern. Regards

the other was manganato.com

Jarc-1107 i dont know where advanced settings is on IOS i only see more filtering and cant find the aggressive shield

That isn’t an official site anyway. It’s one of the clone sites. You can see all official 9anime domains from https://9anime.me/

I’d try using https://9anime.to/home or https://9anime.pl/home primarily (I completed the URL, if you don’t include /home is just goes to page that only says Go To Homepage pretty much).

This doesn’t exist on iOS. It is available on all other OS, just not iOS for some reason.

I just tested there and not really having any issues. I say “not really” because I know I’ve had problems before. Fanboynz does his best to keep it up to par but those types of sites have rolling ad servers, meaning it constantly changes and it can be difficult to create enough filters to keep it 100% ad free. That said, been doing a decent job lately. This is true for most “illegal streaming/pirating” sites and all, such as Manganato, 9anime, etc.

This might be what you need to do. When you go to Brave Shields & Privacy, then go to Content Filtering. Make sure you have Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List toggled on. They should make a pretty big difference for you on websites.

i turned on fanboy and ublock filtering and went to an official 9anime website. the redirects are less frequent but they still show up.

it was on 9anime.to btw

Other thing I forgot to mention. On 9anime, are the redirects (or do you mean pop-ups?) happening when you go to play videos?


@bearbearbear Just retested, so deleted original comment. So trick is DO NOT click on the video itself to get it started playing. Instead, click the server name. Like clicking on Vidstream loaded the page and it started playing. But if I had clicks on the Play button on the player, it would have given me a pop-up. I was then able to click the player and go full screen. Not sure it will work 100% of the time, but happened on the multiple I just tested.

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