Ads on mangahub (on iOS)

On my iPhone running Brave 1.56, i keep getting pop-up ads and it even force opens my Walmart app.

Because of this I usually try to avoid the website, but would be nice if you could help figure out a solution @fanboynz

Ads primarily pop up as you touch anything on the screen but can also randomly occur. Blocking scripts will prevent this from happening but also prevents all content from loading, so not a valid solution.

No issues occur on Desktop. Not sure about Android. But definitely a big issue on iPhone. This might be one of the things we said is getting fixed in one of the updates that should be arriving before long, but hoping can get it taken care of or passed on to teams to find ways to prevent this in the future, whatever needs added/changed to block these on sites.


Streaming/Pirate sites (also this site). WIll see the same issues on ios. Just limited blocking in ios.

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