Prevent Top Sites From Appearing on New Tab Page?

Hi! Is there a way to stop top sites from appearing on the new tab page? Thanks.

Yes there is a way to do that


Does anyone know what that method is?

settings settingthen advance then disable Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar

Thanks, but I’ve already disabled that days ago and the top site icons still appear on the new tab page. Other ideas?

wow that is odd let me request @mattches

Thank you! Still a newbie to Brave but I look forward to exploring it.

Are you referring to these images?

Yes indeed. I certainly am.

Gotcha, just wanted to clairfy.
Unfortunately there’s no way to do this yet – we’re currently reworking or NTP right now and hope to have new features and options available soon:

Far out. Thank you so much.

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