How to manage Top Sites shown on New Tab

Issue: No clear or easy way or Settings entry allowing user to manage Top Sites shown on New Tab

Reproduce: Select New Tab using the + Brave sign.

System Used on: Windows 10, Windows 7

Details: Good idea for New Tab to display items like clock, etc. Also note the Top Sites icons or panels that allow us to click on those icons and immediately open up that destination in a new Tab Page.

Have right-clicked the display seen when selecting New Tab, and gone through the Brave Settings, and searched the on-line Brave assistance file, but no entry for showing new users HOW to manage the Top Sites icons…for example to add more Top Site icons to the New Tab page, etc., although we can see how to delete a Top Site icon.

Any thoughts on this ?

BTW, this is an excellent overall browser, takes a little getting used to, but once done, very impressive indeed.

Joe / Knoxville, TN / USA

Currently not possible. Tiles on NTP is populated based on your browsing history. IIRC it’s in the works – to add ability to edit manually.


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Sincere thanks for the quick and informative reply.
Looking forward to the addition of “Top Site management” capability.

Joe / Knoxville, TN / USA