Privacy on the start tab (top sites)

Just like Chrome, there is top sites automatically placed on the start tabs in the browser.

This is hugely annoying. If you want to have “top sites”, you put them as bookmarks manually. This is how it used to be on all browsers, but now we have this unvoluntary extra bookmark space visible every time you open the browser.

I do not want to show the person sitting next to me my “top sites”. It’s a matter of privacy, sometimes you surf on sites alone for a reason.

I see no easy way of removing these icons, can you provide that option? Should be relatively easy to do and I know I’m not alone in wanting more privacy. Thanks.

@alexosjohn thanks for the feedback.

New Tab page customization (with the ability to disable “top sites”) is in the plan. For now you can install an extension to override Brave’s NTP.


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