Pre-sign security check

Please add pre-sign security check when approving and confirming a Dapp transaction. Like if the DNS of the Dapp has recently changed in past 24 hours. And show how my crypto balance will change once I confirm the Dapp transaction.

These are some of the security features built into Rabby wallet which should be standarized across all wallets.

this is a good idea, but the process could be slow, because you should expense more time for this security check

Thanks @j1n

We will bring this back to the team. Did you see our most recent improvements to confirming transactions ? blogpost is here

Let us know what you think.



We’re incrementally adding security features to the wallet that improve the UX around signing, so your suggestions are really helpful. The blog article shared by @hub is one step in that direction.

Pre-sign security check, in addition to DNS, could also analyse if the contract was deployed recently, or if it has low number of transactions. Someone recently prototyped this in the ETH Lisbon hackathon: (screenshot below)

show how my crypto balance will change once I confirm the Dapp transaction

This can be achieved with simulations, which is in our roadmap.

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