A few bugs I have noticed with the crypto wallet

I am the founder of several dapps and I have been encountering some bugs on our dapps and others when using the new brave built in wallet.

The couple things I have noticed.

There is some wallet connectivity issue at times. On desktop dapps that require you to have a web3 enabled wallet sometimes it isn’t connecting right and takes a few refreshes. Also a lot of times the wallet isn’t prompting on the main screen, but you have to click crypto wallet and go do it from there which is confusing to users.

The worst bug I have found, and this has happened to me like 5 times, and has happened to someone else I know once. Sometimes after force quitting Brave, it will no longer accept my crypto wallet password. No matter what, it says the password is incorrect and I have to reimport via the seed phrase.

Thanks for checking it out!

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