Possible memory leak - maybe a one off

Noticed a low RAM warning from MemInfo 3.51 which I always run., circa 95% with 8GB.
About 13 tabs open.
Version 1.21.52 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
Brave showed about 1.79GB used with about 31 processes.
There was no other significant user RAM being used.
Perhaps it was Windows 10 doing something, not Brave using up my RAM?
The Memory Defragmenter option dropped RAM usage down below 50%.
May have been a one-off. Will update this if it happens again.

It would seem my friend that I came across a very similar issue while accessing brave on my Android device … the system kelp crashing and even activating the screen during transition between open windows tabs … I know this is entirely out of the ordinary and perhaps I’m being inappropriate with such details and I certainly would not recommend this tactic to anyone but there are often times when I could have over 20 tabs open and over have are busy processing data …

So therefore to make a long story short I think the moral of the story here it is we need to be more vigilant about how many browsing tabs we have open in a single given instance or session for a lack of better vocabulary usage and then there’s the issue of gaming the system and the more I consider the overall functions of the bat attention token contribution module the the more grimy I feel for trying to game the system … Just asking who really wins here …

but anywho oftentimes I’m there creating different variants of a playlist load out embedded into my in browser tab for frequently flying mileage … So yes sir ree with that being said oftentimes I could have anywhere from 20 to as much as 30 open tabs and I may even be running an incident of the browser at least two different versions of all the real ease versions available.

And also I am utilizing all three platforms for different reasons an after looking over all of the config and trace data tor files for clues…
Of all that you could imagine :slightly_smiling_face: it just don’t compute and so I take a look at brave in browser :desktop_computer::desktop_computer:.view settings I realize that a little bit of tweaking to the notifications panels and how those notifications are receiving and pushing thru content in thru your reduced data flow by a considerable measure … and especially be careful of certain features offering background processes thru the browser because that’s data flow is running some memory applications as a rule of thumbs and a big toe, system processes are especially actively running in the background when the browsers are sleeping if you got tabs open so the best way to handle this is to put notifications to sleep or do not disturb mode :sleeping: not only that it’s a little bit on that unethical manipulation of the system … But I get it … :rofl::wink: after all we’re all a part of an Insanely Brave Family¡ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink: Happy day my friend. Do come again :slight_smile:

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