Please steeven i received nithing to my uphold wallet

Steeven i hope you reply me i send you what you want to resolve problem why my bat not transfering to uphold wallet ?i sent you a private message

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Hi @libanais75 - I see no DM from you. Please send a DM describing your issue along with a screenshot of your rewards panel. Thank you.

i already sent you DM look in in your box mail i send you back now

Here’s a sign that you ignoring my messages. Right, Steeven? I am waiting for 5 days. I am waiting with patience. Until today. Nobody cares about me. Nobody.

i sent you dm steeven thank you

@DeadShowP - I’ve responded to your messages with proactive solutions to your issue.

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Yes ı see, thank you.

it s ok steeven i sent you 2 DM with all screenchot did you receive it?

you want another pictures or screenchot steeven or what i sent you it s ok?

just tell me steeven if you received it because i sent you 4DM but no reply so send me dm and I REPLY YOU maybe it dont work if you received nothing