New Brave has no Session Tabs, comming later or removed?

Hi there,
downloaded today the new Brave version, I’m running the binary because snap breaks over and over again on my distro, and the brave in the repo is to old.

I was confused about the change, gonna take some time to get used to it, really likes the old brave, but nice to have extension support now because it runs on the chromium engine.

But the real reason I’m here is, I used the “New Session Tab” a lot, used deferents session for social, normal browsing watching etc.
And so I wonder if it will com back, or if it is gone for ever.

Another thing I saw right at the beginning is that the braveshield is broken for me, see picture:

The brave shield looks the same in both themes, and does also not change if I switch between GTK and classic.

OS info if some one wants to know it:
OS: Solus with budgie as GUI

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Hi @JonnyJaap,

An issue logged for that here

Please see Brave shield UI bug - #34 by sriram



They does not say if the session tabs a comming back. But they say that it is possible to use the session browser (add new user, but which ends in not having the same bookmarks.) and that firefox has session tabs.

Hope it will come back, that was one of best function in brave.

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