Please bring back your browser images

Is there anyway you will bring back images In your browser?
It was my favorite image search, I’m sad that I have to use other browsers for that now.

@Linkmaster Firstly, let me address that you put this under browser support and tagged every OS. Yet your issue has nothing to do with the browser. Instead, you’re referencing Brave Search, which is its own independent search site. For that reason, I’ll move it to the proper category and tags.

Secondly, they will be bringing back images and video search. This has been asked and answered many times already. It’s also shared if you clicked on the ? icon when it asks you to choose Google or Bing for the search.

and if you click on Learn More, it directs you to where it explains it’s temporary and why it was done.

For the time being, Brave Search won’t serve image or video results from its own index, as we work to improve quality. We now include an option to redirect image and video searches to Bing or Google, rather than relying on a 3rd-party API. Rest assured that the Search team is working on improving image and video search capabilities. If you are conducting these searches within the Brave browser, the browser’s built-in tracking protection applies, even if you’re viewing results on Bing or Google.

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