Please add the ability to custom set an IP address

It is not possible at the moment to set the country IP address when using the Tor tab.

This has the following issue; If creating an online account, the website usually checks the country you’re connecting from. So if creating an account using a Tor tab, your account will be linked with a specific country. If then (later) you try to return to that website, you will probably get blocked due to suspicious behaviour, as in, your ip address changed to quickly for you to be able to fly to another country in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, I feel it will be very beneficial for brave users, if they can set IP addresses to be country specific when needed.


As I guessed, a search for “TOR exit” on this community pulls up the official response that TOR inclusion into Brave was meant to preserve anonymity, which is adversely affected by static exit node selection. This is a job for the TOR Browser, not Brave.

Here is one example I found:

We do not support configuring the entry and exit nodes. Doing this generally hurts your anonymity, and the most common reason people want to do it — to get around IP-based country restrictions on video streaming — is very taxing on the Tor network.
If you have a good reason for doing this, you can do it with the Tor Browser.

Back to the Tor Browser then.