Generate new Tor Connection


Brave has the ability to auto connect to Tor Onion sites.
I also use Tor as a browser, and so, I noticed something that is missing in Braves Tor connectivity.
That is the ability to reset and generate a new Tor connection.

In Brave, whenever I use a Tor window, the connection is always the same, (so it seems) as the country identifiers are always the same country.
That is to say, for example, I get adds as if I were in “England”.
In Brave, it is always the same country.

With Tor, you can reset and form a new connection, and, it is apparent as you see ads etc… for “Germany” or “Japan” etc…

If there is a way to reset / force a new Tor connection in Brave, Id like to be informed of how to do so.

If there is not, matching Tors functionality would be a service to Brave users.
Since, as of now, I do not use Braves Tor connection option, and use Tor directly to connect via a new Tor pathway each time.


I have posted this issue on Github subscribe there and voice your opinion over there.

I believe that would be inappropriate.

However, thank you for directing me to that information / post.

Why it feels inappropriate?
These type of posts get much attention on GitHub then on Brave community.

This feature is available in the hamburger menu, just somewhat hard to find.

This is what members on GitHub replied, issues get easily solved on GitHub then on Brave Community.