Please add Country Selection on Private Window with Tor, similar to how it is on Orbot for Android

Hi, if any of you have used the Android app from the Guardian Project called Orbot: Tor for Android you might have noticed a Country selection. I’ve noticed that if I don’t select a nearby country, or the one I’m in, on that, I get too many ‘Forbidden’ notices on websites, without anything else loading.

Please add a Country selection in the Private Window with Tor (preferably without using the word, “Global” for the automatic setting, as it is right now on Orbot.)

Open these two IP websites in both a normal tab and in a Private Window with Tor. (Notice the IP Location)

The Private Window with Tor does not hide the IP Location, just changes it to another Country. That Country can be manually set on Orbot for Android, why can’t it be the same on the Brave Private Window with Tor?

Thank you.

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