Please add setting to Block/Disable Images on Android Brave Browser

How to disable images on Desktop brave:
Images → Don’t allow sites to show images

What happens on Android brave:
Settings → Site Settings
Then you can see a lot of the same settings, including Cookies and JavaScript. But Images is absent. I can’t find a way to disable images in the latest Android version of Brave!

My understanding is iOS Brave browser currently doesn’t have image blocking either.

Here are my two main reasons for wanting this feature.

  1. Blocking images conserves data.
    I think FireFox has an option to load images only over Wi-Fi, which is a great idea for the mobile version of Brave. Images on, images off, and load over Wi-Fi only should be the 3 options.
    Adding this image blocking feature will get a lot of users in 3rd world countries too, where data is scarce. It conserves a ton of data and still lets users read news sites / wikipedia, etc.

  2. I recently found out I am a paranoid schizophrenic and do not need to be seeing internet images on my phone while browsing/researching.
    (AdBlock also helps a ton with this. The fact that Facebook/Google/Amazon actually do track you and aggressively market you with your interests that you only shared in some dark corner of the internet definitely feeds into the typical episodic hallucinations of there being a conspiracy against you. But you can just delete their ads with adblock and do business as usual. LOL.)

I’d rather computers not even exist and that we all just farm crops and animals like God intended, but we live in a crazy world anyway and have to learn to deal with it. (I’d throw my damn computers and phones away if I didn’t need them to help take care of my friends and family.)

So can someone on the Brave team please make this feature a priority?

Switching to FireFox in the meantime. I hate them all but at least their app will let me block ads (ublock origin add-on) and images.
Please let me know when Brave mobile has image blocking so I can ping my acquaintances who still use it and maybe save someone a jail/hospital trip or two.

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