Block large media such as gifs?

How I can block all gifs from loading as they use so much data and pages load slow on the sites I visits.

Hi @poxion, unfortunately there isn’t this ability. Right now, you can only disable images on the New Tab page.
Someone made a feature request for this a while back…

You could reply to it, bring the thread back into the light for others to see it, click your vote (at the top-left of the post), and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Hi, how do you disable images in a “new tab”? I can’t find that option.

Here, @gmacar


You’re right, thank you. I never opened that menu because… for some reason the images were already disabled!

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No problem! I’m a bit of a hound about settings, with everything. It’s the first thing I go to after an install and every update. :sweat_smile:

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