Can't load/see images in some sites using Brave Android app

Description of the issue:
Every time I open this website or any page in it using Brave Android app, I can’t see any images (not ads) even if I disable every protection of Brave. The site looks fine when using Chrome app

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch Brave android app
  2. Visit this page:

Actual Result:
No images are displayed

Expected result:
All images are displayed except for ads

Brave Version:
Brave 1.8.112, Chromium 81.0.4044.138

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

Additional information:
Im using OnePlus 7 Pro with
Android 10; GM1913 Build/QKQ1. 190716003

May be this is network issue that you are facing.

But it works fine with Chrome…

Same problem. Started maybe three updates ago. Go here: Guitar Gallery Sexauer Guitars. Page 85 3rd entry. Chrome shows photos, Brave shows small blue squares w / turned down corner.

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