Please add a Brave Browser repo, so I can download from Foxy Droid...!

It could be a very good idea, since devs are not posting their versions on f-droid, only on Play Store, there is a workaround, wich is using the Aurora Store or Yalp Store, wich is a Play Store client, but I want an apk so I could install easily from any repo, (F-droid official, Unnoficial Mozzilla, Bromite, Newpipe, etc.)

Could you Brave devs make your own repo, so I could install the Brave browser and not having sync issues with the QR code, (wich requieres have installed Play Services for any weird reason btw).

Have a great day, Brave devs.

We’re not yet in F-Droid, but you can manually download the APKs from:

For example, the one that was released today:

I was reffering to make a Brave official repo, where you guys can put your releases, instead of F-Droid, like

Something like:

In this way, we don’t have to bother to go manually to the github page and install the apk for the specific architecture, just search for updates and done.

This way would be more easier, since you don’t need to put any Play Store or F-Droid signature.

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