Best Way to Install Brave Without the Google Play Services + Store?

Hello, so I just installed a custom ROM of Android (CrDroid based on Android 10) on my phone without the Gapps as to improve privacy and I am using Fdroid instead. However, I cannot seem to find a good way to get Brave on my phone. I would also like to mention that I would prefer there to be a way to update the application without having to reinstall too, but that isn’t theoretically necessary. Any and all help is appreciated.

PS: The discussion here has a broken link for installing the APK so that probably isn’t an option.


The Android version is recently moved to brave-core (the same codebase used to build the desktop version). So it’s available here

Please note, you may need to manually update it. Check for the information about the latest version.

And when the new version is available, you just need to edit the version number from the first link above – v.1.5.131 – to the new version.


Thank you so much. However, I have to ask, would there be any chance of an FDroid repo for Brave being created any time soon? There are several repos for the various Linux distros so could this be possible too?


Not in the near-future, I believe. But we do have a request opened for that.


There used to be a Github page were Brave Android releases were chronologically listed and were updated as new one became available.

Is there still such a website available?

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Yes @Brave_user. See my first reply. :point_up:

Thanks @eljuno, but I was looking for a link where you do not need to add a specific version tomthe URL. I was looking for a Github website where you find the different versions of Brave listed and can pick and choose the apk you want.

Again :point_up: Because it’s now build from the same codebase, the Android version will be available here

But since those page listed both for desktop and Android, my previous reply is to make it easier to navigate to the latest release for Android.

I was hoping for a way to filter only for Android releases.

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