Playlist sync iOS iPhone and iPad


I set up sync between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I know that the playlist isn’t available for Mac, but it is available on iPhone and iPad. I don’t see a menu option to sync the playlist between the iPad and iPhone, but since these are both mobile devices, shouldn’t the playlist sync just happen? I use both devices frequently, depending on where I am. Is my issue just something that isn’t designed to work at this time, or is this a feature request instead of an issue?

How can this issue be reproduced?
Create a playlist on either the iPhone or iPad, then after the sync, navigate to the playlist on both devices and you’ll see the playlist with the added content only appears on the device you added it to, and not the other device.

Expected result:
Seemless sync’ing between the 2 mobile platforms.

Mobile Device details
iPad OS 17.3.1, iPhone iOS 17.3.1

Nope. They have to make it possible. And as you said, there’s no setting to sync playlist at this time. It’s something on the roadmap for the future, but no ETA on when to expect it. There’s definitely a lot of work in progress and not enough people to manage it all.

Yes, basically. They have an open Github for it that I’ll have linked below (from last year):

I’m actually going to tag @michal here to see if he can help make heads or tails out of that though. He seems to have tagged the same Github as a prerequisite for the issue. I’m guessing he put in the wrong link when doing it. But at least would be nice to know if he has any ideas on the overall progress and priority.

The playlist sync is long way to go. We have to ship for other platforms first. Then we can consider syncing it

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