Syncing between ipads

Am I able to sync between 2 ipads yet?

Not yet. Sync for iOS is coming. Currently in Beta testing.

Many thanks. Thought I was losing it by not being able to work it out.

Brave Sync is now available for iOS if you use Brave 1.21. Currently only sync bookmarks .

I have this version of brave installed on the 2ipads but all the instructions for sync are not for the current 14.2 iOS version but look like they are for 2019 versions so it is not working. Are there more updated instructions somewhere for IOS 14.2 that you could send me the link because I do love the brave browser after trialling it and I would like to use it as my default one and I also noticed that when I left it to go into another app and came back, all my open tabs had been removed.

Thanks again for your help

This one?

Thanks heaps for the link. Had heaps of tries but my brave browser on IOS 14 does not marry up with these instructions. Is there a more updated link by any chance?

That’s the “updated” one.

Can you make sure you’ve the latest version of Brave? :point_up:

cc @michal in case I missed something.

you didnt miss anything, make sure the Brave app is up to date.
To check this tap on three-dot menu -> settings and scroll down to see what Brave version you have

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