Playlist feedback on iOS/ Annoying pop-up after video added to playlist

This annoying thing shows up every time I added a video to playlist.

It doesn’t make sense for it to show up EVERY TIME a video is added, asking if the user want to “Open In Brave Playlist” or “Remove” when logically if we want open and watch it right then, we wouldn’t add it to a playlist (unless there’s a difference between watching videos in browser and brave playlist, which I haven’t noticed), and we wouldn’t want to “Remove” it right away after adding every time.

It could be that I’m new to Brave browser and don’t know how to use it well.
I see that we could tap on the screen to make it disappear, or we could select “Open In Brave Playlist” and “Done” to finish this adding-to-playlist process, and the intention of “Remove” option is to help user remove video from playlist easily.
I see the usefulness, but how often would a user want to remove videos right after adding? Not too often I think. More often times, we want the process to go smoothly, and removing videos directly from playlist is intentional therefore easier.

This feedback is about how this pop-up making the user go through unnecessary steps to use their playlist feature. It’s creating more friction rather than reducing friction.

I’m not a native English speaker so there might be some mistakes in the terminologies but feel free to ask for clarification. Looking forward to see a change in this feature. Thank you.