Place a trusted file into your domain

Can anyone help, i am on the final stage of adding my channel (web site) and dont know how to place the “wellknown” file into a folder in my domain.
my web site is on squarespace, any info would be great ,

If you are on SquareSpace, you may not have full control of your domain and won’t be able to complete this particular form of verification.

Short explanation: Normally when you own a domain name (not through SquareSpace), you attach the domain name to a hosting service, and then you can connect to your hosting service via FTP and upload files to it (such as the wellknown file at a specific location). However, with Squarespace, you don’t have such FTP access; therefore, you can’t upload the wellknown file and complete verification with this method.

(Here are a bunch of search results for “Squarespace FTP access”, which mostly all seem to provide a negative answer to FTP access with SquareSpace :frowning:.)

Using Another Verification Method: However, you may be able to try another method of domain ownership verification (updating DNS records). I believe Squarespace does give you some control over DNS records, and you might be able to find more information on advanced DNS settings for SS here: search results for DNS settings on SS.

See here for another person who was in a similar situation as you and the DNS verification method was also suggested: Question about getting verified on Brave Payments as a site operator

Similar situation: Many users have Wordpress blogs and don’t fully own their domain names, similar to the situation with SS. However, Brave Payments verification works with Wordpress since we can perform verification through a Wordpress plugin. Unfortunately, I do not think such a plugin or solution exists for SquareSpace websites at this time.

Hi Chriscat,

Thank you so much for your input, very helpful indeed! that is a shame, but i will try your “using another verification method” suggestion, have a great weekend


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