Question about getting verified on Brave Payments as a site operator


Hello! I use Squarespace for my travel blog/portfolio. I am having trouble getting verified via Brave Payments.

After putting in my domain, contact name, and email, I had two options; the recommended one was to download a file and put it in a certain folder on my domain. (I’ve attached a screenshot of the instructions). I couldn’t figure out how to after Googling, so I contacted Squarespace and the representative said he was pretty sure it wasn’t possible, so I should ask Brave for help. I know a friend who uses Squarespace and Brave, and monetization works for him. I asked him and he said to try the second option.

The second one deals with something called DNS (I think); unfortunately I cannot try it because I can’t reach the page with the options anymore. Today when I tried again (the verification email works just once so I can’t use my link from yesterday), I got stuck on a page before the two options were given. When I type in my domain it says “There were errors saving your request: Website Domain: Can’t be normalized because of an API error.” (I tried attaching a screenshot but I’m only allowed to provide one, so I copied and pasted the exact error code)

Has anyone had this issue before?

Thank you if anyone can help!

Place a trusted file into your domain

A quick Google search shows that Squarespace allows you to edit DNS TXT records, which is what’s needed for the second option you mentioned.

For the record, I used the DNS TXT record method to verify my site as a Brave publisher on Digital Ocean and now have the official green hexagonal checkmark within Brave’s payment screen.

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