Pinned tabs disappear when opening new window

When opening a new window the pinned tabs don’t show up.

Current window

Pressing CMD-n opens a new window with no pinned tabs.

Brave 1.52.129 on 16" 2019 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.4.1 (22F82).

Pinned tabs are normal tabs you decide to pin to gain some little benefits, but they are window, so opening a new Windows will not carry the pinned tabs, that’s not how Chromium works by default, so it is hard to understand the reason of your post, if that’s exactly what should happen in Brave Default/Stable release.

I said Stable and Default, because Brave Nightly has a flag called “Shared Pinned tabs” which does exactly what I guess you want to do, which is to share the pinned tabs across Windows, but it is early state, and Brave team in charge has to fix a lot of issues and polish the behavior when switching a pinned tab from one window to the other, so it is good and efficient.
It is not Chromium default behavior, so Brave team has to work on it and polish it and try to avoid issues and maybe it will be released to Stable someday, it’s low priority new feature, so it hasn’t been worked on too much, but it works decently.

But you aren’t using Nightly and you should get the normal pinned behavior anyway, which is not shared across windows.

All Understood. Thanks!

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