Is Brave Chromium Just Another Way For Google To Spy On Me?

I used Brave because it’s not Google’s Chrome. Enough with the Google data mining and biased search results.

Is Brave connected to Google in any way?

the developers of Brave, to my knowledge, have made changes to “their” chromium so that no data is sent to Google.

Thanks. Hopefully it’s true.

Google Chrome was invented, as was the Android OS, to track people.

If it’s from Google or Facebook and it’s “free,” you are the product.


Hi @Dan1,

Please see the bottom part of this thread for answers for your concern For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core


Hence why there is no way I’ll ever use free virtual private networks. If they aren’t honey pots for government entities, so called “private” corporations certainly receive some kickback.

I’ll attest, at first I had my concerns, yet I do not think Chromium is directly attached to Google. Frankly, I am just glad there is an alternative to Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and other mainstream giants.

While the concept of online privacy and sadly privacy in general is unfortunately a illusion, credit where credit is due, Brave seems to be one of very few platforms that isn’t pro censorship, acting as an unofficial branch of the government or authoritarian. At least based on what I’ve seen.


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