Pending Creator Rewards - Never Deposited

windows 10
Version 1.29.79

I have my YouTube and Twitter connected and my Uphold wallet verified. I receive monthly payouts, but I have never received my rewards. It just says the payout is in progress “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later”- it’s been like this since it’s inception.

Am I doing something wrong? Thinking of trying to set up a Gemini wallet, but…



Creator payments begin processing tomorrow. Thank you.

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@bpangie Don’t take this as gospel but I’m pretty sure you have to have a Gemini or uphold account setup ‘Linked’ to get your rewards off the Creators account. I didn’t have any luck setting up an uphold account and had to pay my bank $20 to do a wire transfer as part of Gemini’s verification process about a month ago. It seems to be a timing issue for an account that I have that I had forgotten that I had and didn’t set it up with my Gimini account in time so I have to wait for the payment on that Creators account, but the main account that I had at first thought was my only account had been setup in time and I was credited all the BAT I was entitled to at that time. The only thing I can recommend you do is make sure your Gemini account is linked with your Creators account and don’t un-link it because you may end up just resetting things and it will just take longer to get your BAT. Brave

Thanks. I imagine this is probably what I might end up doing. Not a fan of Uphold anyhow.

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Im having the same issue.

So it’s not working only with uphold?

@hawkz0r When did you link you Gemini account with your creator account?

Thanks. They still haven’t been deposited. Is there anything I can try that might be easier than trying to open a Gemini account?

That is something you might want to ask @steeven

I never did. Im only using Uphold. And never got my BAT! Not this time either.