!I am publisher before 2021 and my balance still not sent to my wallett!

Today is April12 of 2021 and still- not received my 12 bat to my uphold wallet since february 2021


im tired!! contacting team support please help me.

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I’m sorry to say we are also struggling with same issue they are not crediting rewards into wallet, I think they SCAMMED us :neutral_face:

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My creator’s BAT also did not deposited yo my uphold since February. I don’t know why?

Same issue. Not credited since months

Same issue here! I’m made tickets about stuck bats in the browser, AND in my creator account. Every time the price goes up, I get more and more worried that I’m never going to see these coins.

I have a verified connected Gemini account connected to my creator profile. This is bullcrap.

@steeven reply please :heart:

Same issue, i can’t withdraw

Please DM the email linked to your account.